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Fishing Reports

Rodmaster Fishing Report

Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.

Fish aboard a 30 ft. Baha Cruiser on Lake Michigan for salmon and trout. All tackle provided. Our crew has been fishing the Great Lakes for over 40 years, taking advantage of many great technological advances in tackle and techniques to provide a great experience for novice or experienced fisherpersons... Give us a call and schedule a trip, lets go have fun and catch some fish...Rates start at $625 for 6 hours or limit to catch, and times are prearranged.Equipment includes: * Enclosed Hard Top * Twin Engines * Stand up head (enclosed toilet) * Radar * Sonar * Chartplotter * GPS * Auto Pilot * Marine Radio * Safety Gear * All the Necessary fishing equipmentWe are.... Fully Insured A member of Michigan Charter Boat Association A member of Ludington Charter Boat Association MI DNR Charter Inspected and Licensed US Coast Guard Master Captains License
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.Sunday, July 25th, 2021 at 7:51pm
Fishing report Sunday July 25th
What best describes our trip today with Mike, Lisa, Tony, and Dale ?
Mayhem, Chaotic, 3 ring Circus, TOTALLY AWESOME!
Rods were popping and at one point we had 6 fish on at one time.
The fish were inhaling: High diver with #3 blue spotted glow silver horde
Low diver with Dreamweaver chrome dragon slayer 8 inch spin doctor and pickled sunshine fly
200 copper with a Glotec green glow plug
300 copper with Moonshine Magnum gold Green Shorts spoon
Rigger down 90 with 11 in white slick paddle / pickled sunshine fly
Down rigger 82 ft with Moonshine Magnum RV Bloody nose Spoon and Moonshine Regular Bloody nose spoon slider
Low diver 160 ft with Dreamweaver 10 in Chrome killer Spindoctor/ Yellow UV meatrig
Highdiver out 150 with Green black Ladder back Horde plug
350 Copper with Moonshine Magnum gold Green shorts spoon
225 Copper with Green Spatterback Horde plug
#captainchucksii #ninjaboards #TeamDreamweaver #fishhawk #glotech #moonshinelures #aquabrakes #pureludington
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.Saturday, July 24th, 2021 at 11:53pm
Fishing Report Saturday, July 24th
Jason, Chuck, Hunter, and Zach for joining us today. We had a short bumpy morning and it started out productive with the first fish hooking up before all lines were set, a nice king in the dark. But, it didn't take long for waves to build to 3-4 feet plus. So after an hour of fishing we ended the trip with 4 bites and 2 fish.
Bites came on the center rigger with a large Dreamweaver double crush glow paddle and, (you can guess it), a pickled sunshine fly! A low diver with a a Dreamweaver 8 inch Kevin's girlfriend spin doctor and again, pickled sunshine fly. A half core (5 colors) with a gray ghost silver horde plug. And a rigger on the slider with a gold green shorts!
#ninjaboards #fishhawk #captainchucksii #aquabrakes #moonshinelures #pureludington #TeamDreamweaver #
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at 8:58pm
Fishing report Friday July 23rd AM
Thank you Doug, Debbie Dorie and Mike for fishing with us today! Great to have time with friends catching fish.
Fishing was slow and took a lot of enticing to get 10 bites. We did manage 7 of those into the cooler. They liked:
5 color regular fireball spoon
150 copper regular fireball spoon
250 copper mag Dreamweaver blue hulk spoon
250 copper mag moonshine rv bloody nose spoon
High diver out 150 Dreamweaver 10in Chrime killer spin doctor/Dreamweaver Green Gasoline meat rig
Rigger down 40 mag moonshine blue shorts spoon
Rigger down 48 regular moonshine bloody nose free slider spoon
Rigger down 75 Dreamweaver 10in Kevins Girlfriend spin doctor/UV green meat rig
Fishing report Courtesy of First Mate Hunter
#aquabrakes #captainchucksii #moonshinelures #ninjaboards #fishhawk #pureludington #TeamDreamweaver
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at 6:20pm
Fishing Report Thursday July 21 PM
Fun evening with the Yare family. Thank you Bob, Noah, Danny, Brian, Andrea, and Samantha for joining us. We ended our trip with 8 fish in the box. The were liking:
High wire out 140 with 10" chrome killer/uv green meat rig went twice, high diver out 140 with a glow plug went once, rigger down 40 with glow plug went once, 5 color with a silver fireball with earrings went once, 8 color with mag gold green shorts went once, 10 color with yeck silver wart frog with earrings went once, 200 copper with mag RV green knight went on e, 250 copper with mag RV bloody nose went once and down rigger at 61 with Chin music paddle / salmon donkey Cinderella fly
#ninjaboards #captainchucksii #aquabrakes #fishhawk #TeamDreamweaver #pureludington #moonshinelures
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at 9:00am
Fishing report Thursday July 22nd AM
Thank you Matt, Brandon, Mitch, Ethan, and David for a great time! Steady pick results were 8 for 11 including a 13.56 lb Sterlhead.
4 color pinky plug
8 color mag moonshine gold green shorts
10 color mag moonshine rv Mongolian beef
150 copper ghost plug
Rigger down 40 mag moonshine blue shorts/ regular moonshine rv dancing anchovie free slider
Rigger down 41 mag Dreamweaver blue hulk
High diver out 105 green splatter plug
Low diver out 100 8in Dreamweaver blue bubble dragon slayer paddle/Dreamweaver blue bubble glow action Fly
Fishing report Courtesy of First Mate Hunter
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 at 2:57pm
Rodmaster Fishing Charters, L.L.C.

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