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Are you looking for new goose decoys for the upcoming hunt?  Is a new tree stand in your future because your current one isn’t big enough?  Does your newest hunting dog need a training collar to help her listen to commands?  We have nearly every accessory imaginable for predator, waterfowl, turkeys, big game, food plots, trapping and your best hunting buddy.  Whatever your hunting needs may be, our hunting experts are here to help you choose the right equipment.



Are you looking for the latest compound bow?  Look no further than to our hunting experts.  They can introduce you to the newest, fastest and most penetrating compound bows on the market.  Take a look at some of the brands that we carry:

  • Bear
  • Obsession
  • Prime
  • Mathews
  • Bowtech
  • Mission




If you choose to shoot a crossbow rather than a compound bow, you are in luck!  Captain Chuck’s carries a variety of options for you, including those from:

  • Carbon Express
  • Parker & Excalibur
  • Ten Point
  • Wicked Ridge


Crossbow Bolts

If you have a crossbow, you will need bolts to fire from it.  Captain Chuck’s has a variety of bolts to choose from.  We carry bolts from:

  • Excalibur & Easton
  • Carbon Express
  • Parker
  • Ten Point
  • Gold Tip


In Need of a Great Taxidermist?


Our friends at Majestic Taxidermy have you covered! As an active member of the Michigan Taxidermist Association, Majestic is able to grow their skills and knowledge of the industry through continual training provided at seminars, workshops and state competitions.

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